Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ostrich Festival

We attended the annual Ostrich Festival. It sounds a little weird, but it really was so much fun. The city of Chandler puts on the festival every year. Craig and I went with our friends Aaron and Chelsea and we had such a great time. Of course we stuffed ourselves with great "carni" food, there is nothing better than a funnel cake and big Coke to wash it down. We watched the Ostrich races, yes that is a real thing. People actually get on those freakish birds and run them around a track, like it is some type of horse race. I think that Craig's favorite thing was the demolition derby. I think that Craig's idea of retirement for the Sonata would be along the same lines as the demolition derby (poor Sonata). We didn't go on any rides, just looking at those spinning things makes me sick. We had such a great time and I am sure we will be attending next year.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Two weeks ago Craig and I came home from work and we could smell gas leaking from our gas-meter. As the night went on, the smell got worse. We called the gas company and after an hour they came out to check and see what was going on. Craig met him outside and he started testing the meter. He told Craig that "yep it looks like you have a gas leak." He didn't realize how bad it was until he stuck a sensor in the ground to check the gas levels, and the sensor went crazy. He then told us to get out of the house immediately and to go across the street. Craig and I went across the street with nothing but the clothes on our back (which were sweaty workout clothes, gross!) and luckily I grabbed my purse. The gas man then called for back up and they started to evacuate Jason, Drea, and Willis (the cat). They told us that we were not allowed back in our house for night because there was so much gas and there was a chance the house could blow up. They started digging up our front yard, to fix the problem. I called our good friend Chelsea and she came and picked our homeless butts up and let us crash at her house for the night. It was the worst feeling not having anything but the clothes on our backs. The next morning they told us that they still wouldn't let us come back in our house, but they would let us in for 5 min. to get some clothes, and they let us take our cars. To make a long story short, they had to pump gas out from under our foundation for 36 hours. They finally let us come back home two days later. They told us that when the gas lines were installed, something was not installed correctly and it was leaking gas. Thank goodness we are back home, it was a crazy couple of days.